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Long Distance Cycling recommended route Stage 3

Glan-Blies Cycle Route - Stage 3 (Schönenberg-Kübelberg - Ulmet)

Long Distance Cycling · Pfälzer Bergland und Donnersberg
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  • Protestantische Kirche
    / Protestantische Kirche
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Flurskapelle
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Alte Schmiede
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Restaurant Landgut Jungfleisch
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Galgenhügel
    Photo: Harald Wagner
  • / Ruine Michelsburg, Ansicht 1
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, Foto: Klaus-Peter Kappest
  • / Blick vom Steinbruchgelände zum Remigiusberg
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, Foto: Klaus-Peter Kappest
  • / Barrierfreie Draisine
    Photo: Fremdenverkehrszweckverband Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Wohnmobilstellplatz Ausleihstation Draisine
    Photo: Ludmilla Schwarz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Sport- und Freizeitbad Altenglan, Ansicht 1
    Photo: VG Kusel-Altenglan
  • / Café Veldenzer Mühle, Ansicht 1
    Photo: Ludmilla Schwarz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Die Mitbewohner
    Photo: Helmut Drumm
  • / Bildstock Grab
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Kirchenschiff
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Umgebung
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Außenansicht
    Photo: Heiko Schmidt
  • / Ruine Michelsburg, Ansicht 2
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, Foto: Klaus-Peter Kappest
  • / Ruine Michelsburg, Ansicht 3
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, Foto: Klaus-Peter Kappest
  • / Blick von der Michelsburg
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland, Foto: Klaus-Peter Kappest
  • / Theisbergstegen - Wanderbahnhof
    Photo: Jürgen Wachowski, Zum Wohl. Die Pfalz.
  • / Buchwaldhütte
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Musikantenland-Express
    Photo: Fremdenverkehrszweckverband Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Planwagendraisine
    Photo: Fremdenverkehrszweckverband Pfälzer Bergland
  • / "Zum Remigiusland" Außenansicht
    Photo: CC BY, Ludmilla Schwarz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Sport- und Freizeitbad Altenglan, Ansicht 2
    Photo: VG Kusel-Altenglan
  • / Außenansicht
    Photo: Katrin Erbach
  • / Erdesbacher Ziegenkäserei, Ansicht 2
    Photo: Ludmilla Schwarz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Café Veldenzer Mühle, Ansicht 2
    Photo: Ludmilla Schwarz, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Ferienhaus Außenansicht
    Photo: Helmut Drumm
  • / unterwegs
    Photo: Helmut Drumm, Foto: Diana Machhamer
  • / Weg durchs Naturschutzgebiet Wartekopf
    Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Wanderer im Wartekopf
    Photo: Julia Bingeser, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Ausblick vom Wartekopf
    Photo: Julia Bingeser, FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Alter Germane
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Außenansicht 1
    Photo: Fam. Doris und Ottmar Becker
  • / Blick ins Glantal
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
  • / Alte Waschanlage Nanzdietschweiler
    Photo: FVZV Pfälzer Bergland
m 300 250 200 25 20 15 10 5 km Protestantische … Viergöttersteine Ohmbachsee Draisinentour Erlebnis … Altenglan) Ruine Michelsburg / Haschbach Flurskapelle Ulmet

From Lake Ohmbachsee, you return to the Glan and the path continues to Glan-Münchweiler along the idyllic route of the former Glan Valley Railway, which follows the river. Parallel to the railway line, along which trains run hourly between Glan-Münchweiler and Altenglan, the cycle route is largely flat and traffic-free as it heads downstream. 

After Altenglan, the remaining section of track is used by some very different vehicles – the

pedal-powered draisine line follows the Blies Cycle Route to the Nahe Cycle Route.

Distance 26.2 km
2:00 h
41 m
99 m

There is plenty of exploring to be done in Schönenberg-Kübelberg – for instance, the 
Begehbares Geschichtsbuch, a series of three hiking trails designed to make history accessible, or the traditional beer cellars which provide a fascinating insight into the history of the region. The railway line offers undisturbed cycling enjoyment. Partly on top of the railway embankment, partly in the shade of the cutting, the route leads from Schönenberg-Kübelberg past Elschbach train station and through a large tunnel. The tunnel is more than 150 m long and over 100 years old. The cycle path is protected by an enclosure to avoid the 3 m icicles which can form in winter. Wearers of sunglasses beware! Although there is lighting in the tunnel, it is much darker than the rest of the route.

The next town you reach is Nanzdietschweiler, followed soon after by Glan-Münchweiler.

Here, you can admire the sculpted Viergötterstein stones depicting Juno, Mercury holding a caduceus staff, Minerva and Hercules, and two medieval stone sarcophagi. Running parallel to the railway line, which is used by trains again from Glan-Münchweiler onwards, the cycle route continues through Rehweiler and Matzenbach to Theisbergstegen. You can often see storks in the meadows here, as there is a breeding station in Theisbergstegen which is in operation all year round.

 The next section passes through a disused quarry. Here you meet the Remigius Hiking Trail, which leads onto an exciting nature trail to Remigiusberg Castle or, in the other direction, to the wildlife park on Potzberg hill.

Back on our bikes, we continue cycling to Altenglan and then to Bedesbach alongside the

draisine railway line.

In Bedesbach, the Alte Schmiede blacksmith’s museum gives you an idea of the high level of craftsmanship required to forge simple everyday objects. (Advance booking required). From here, it is not far to today’s destination of Ulmet, a little municipality in an idyllic location on the Glan. It is worth visiting the Flurskapelle chapel just outside the municipality, with a tower dating from the 11th century.

Author’s recommendation

Tip: The Glan Valley draisine railway line, a kind of bicycle on rails, runs between Altenglan and Staudernheim and is a unique experience. You can continue your journey by draisine from here, as bicycles can be transported. Information and reservations:

Profile picture of Julia Bingeser / Juergen Wachowski
Julia Bingeser / Juergen Wachowski
Update: November 17, 2021
Highest point
259 m
Lowest point
190 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Draisine tour - an experience that's second to none (Altenglan rental station)
Landgut Jungfleisch
Landgasthof "Zum Steinernen Mann"
Café Veldenzer Mühle
Hotel-Restaurant Zum Remigiusland
Gaststätte "Gleis 3"
Café-Bistro "Zur Scheune"
Waldhotel Felschbachhof
Zum Steinernen Mann
Gasthaus Born
Landgasthof Bauernstube
Kiosk am Ohmbachsee

Safety information

Although there is lighting in Elschbach tunnel, there is a huge difference between the external and internal light levels, especially on sunny days. Please remove your sunglasses and reduce your speed before entering.

Cyclists must obey the German highway code (StVo).

Tips and hints

Feedback, errors or omissions? Contact us by email: (responsible for infrastructure and route description).


66901 Schönenberg-Kübelberg (250 m)
49.409230, 7.398143
49°24'33.2"N 7°23'53.3"E
32U 383801 5474183


66887 Ulmet

Turn-by-turn directions

Following the Glan Valley Railway line from Schönenberg-Kübelberg, the route is always straight with only a few intersections. The lights in Elschbach tunnel are switched on via a motion detector, but it is noticeably darker inside than out – please be careful. In Nanzdietschweiler, the route leads straight through the village, with two steep ramps near the Kurpfalzhalle civic hall as the old bridge is out of action. The route continues along the railway line to Glan-Münchweiler. The railway line from Kaiserslautern to Kusel is still in use, so the crossing features narrow cycle barriers. A new cycle path has been created next to the railway line from Glan-Münchweiler to Rehweiler. In Rehweiler, you cross the line to the left and follow an agricultural road to Matzenbach. After Matzenbach, the route continues on a quiet road to Theisbergstegen via Godelhausen.  At the train station, you pass through the former quarry to reach Altenglan. The route leads onto the main road, which runs in an S-shape between Altenglan and the district of Mühlbach. Turn right after the left-hand bend onto the railway path and continue straight ahead past the train station. Continue on asphalt paths and local roads to Ulmet via Bedesbach and Erdesbach.



all notes on protected areas

Public transport


This tour is easily accessible by bus and rail.


By rail to Homburg/Saar

Bus 280 to Schönenberg-Kübelberg – buses with bicycle trailers run on weekends in the summer months, so bikes can be transported.


By rail to Kusel

Bus 270 to Ulmet – buses with bicycle trailers run on weekends in the summer months, so bikes can be transported.

The return journey is also possible using public transport - bus 270 to Kusel, where you change to bus 280 to Schönenberg-Kübelberg.


Timetable information is available from the Hin und Weg travel centre in Kusel: 06381 424 270 or at

Getting there


A6 to Waldmohr exit

B423 to Schönenberg-Kübelberg


A62 to Kusel exit

B420 to Ulmet


Parking spaces are available in Schönenberg-Kübelberg and Ulmet


49.409230, 7.398143
49°24'33.2"N 7°23'53.3"E
32U 383801 5474183
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Free Glan-Blies Cycle Route leaflet - Glan-Blies route - or

Free overview map “Cycling in the Palatine Uplands” -;

Author’s map recommendations

Glan-Blies Cycle Route - 1:50,000 scale cycle map available for a fee 


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A good bike, time to explore, and something to eat – that’s all you need on this easy stage.

Please wear a helmet. Touring bicycle or bike with multiple gears, weatherproof clothing, drinks and supplies.

Basic Equipment for Bicycle Touring

  • Cycling helmet
  • Cycling gloves
  • Sturdy, comfortable and preferably waterproof footwear
  • Layered, moisture wicking clothing
  • Rucksack (with rain cover)
  • Protection against sun, rain and wind (hat, sunscreen, water- and windproof jacket)
  • Sunglasses
  • Ample supply of drinking water and snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Bivy / survival bag  
  • Survival blanket
  • Headlamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Whistle
  • Cell phone
  • Cash
  • Navigation equipment / map and compass
  • Emergency contact details
  • ID

Technical Equipment for Bicycle Touring

  • Air pump or CO2 pump including cartridges
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Replacement inner tube
  • Tire levers
  • Chain tool
  • Hex keys
  • Spoke wrench
  • Zip ties
  • Lubricant
  • Screwdrivers
  • Phone / device holder as required  
  • Bike lock as required
  • Where applicable, the bike must meet requirements for road use by having a bell, front and rear lamps and spoke reflectors
  • Luggage system as required for length of journey: panniers with racks
  • Handlebar / frame / saddle bags   
  • Mudguards recommended

Camping Equipment

  • Tent (3- or 4-season)
  • Stove (including fuel and utensils)
  • Sleeping mat. Sleeping bag with suitable temperature rating.
  • Food
  • Toiletries and medication
  • Toilet paper

Things to Bring if Staying in a Hostel

  • Toiletries and medication
  • Quick-drying towel  
  • Ear plugs
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Sleepwear
  • Alpine club membership card if applicable / ID
  • The 'basic' and 'technical' equipment lists are generated based on the selected activity. They are not exhaustive and only serve as suggestions for what you should consider packing.
  • For your safety, you should carefully read all instructions on how to properly use and maintain your equipment.
  • Please ensure that the equipment you bring complies with local laws and does not include restricted items.

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26.2 km
2:00 h
41 m
99 m
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